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How do you create a grass roots community for adventure bike racers with an activist mindset?

Build a simple, powerful, D.I.Y identity that everyone can get behind, together.

Photo: Cadence Images

Growing together

The Racing Collective is an online cycling club, offering a calendar of free-to-enter ultra long distance races in the UK.

The collective makes the link between self reliance and ecological responsibility - it's up to us to protect the natural environment we love riding in.

The logo combines multiple parts of the club's philosophy: the cog symbolises the effort of cycling, the tree symbolises the ecological goal of the collective, as well as forward movement and personal growth. Everything is encapsulated by the typography which symbolises the togetherness of a club.

Photo: Gruber Images

Photo: Gruber Images

D.I.Y Aesthetic

The collective relies on the voluntary efforts of all its members to create routes and organise events. It's a grass roots movement with an idealistic, revolutionary attitude. It's a reaction against the corporate world of pro cycling, so deliberately  eschews that scene's contrived graphical polish.

This is reflected in lo-fi, photocopied textures, bold colour palette, collaged ad-hoc layouts, distressed utilitarian typography and improvised marker pen messages.

Photo: Gruber Images

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