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How do you sustain the visual identity of the world's most famous ultra endurance bike race?

Build on its strong brand DNA and add some touches of emotional detail for the riders.

The Transcontinental is a 4000km annual unsupported bike race across Europe where racers must create their own route between check points, find their own food, shelter and overcome any problems they face without any external assistance.

The 'brevet card', given to each rider at the start of the race, acts as a physical record of reaching the race's 4 checkpoints, and a personal memento of the experience. The race has a strong visual identity, and the brevet cards are one of the only touch points where it can be fully expressed.


I looked back into the archives and, taking inspiration from early designs by the late Mike Hall, the founder of the race, decided to add a more emotional connection to each checkpoint location by giving each one its own badge. 


For TCR No.6 these were made into woven patches so riders could proudly display their achievements.


For TCR No7, the concept was 'The Journey' that connects the checkpoints. The brand's recognisable stripes are reinterpreted as an unbroken road running through each checkpoint icon in a meandering path.

TCR Icon Sketches 2.jpg
Screenshot 2020-01-21 at 17.47.07.png
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