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How do you revitalise an old brand for a new audience?

By stripping out the old and 'striping' in the new.



Creating a light variant for Bulmers was an intuitive process, using established category colour coding combined with our new rational architecture.

To reintroduce some heritage to the simplified icon, it usually appears locked up with the brand's established date.

The recognisable parts of the brand's original icon were the stripes, colours and rounded shape. In line with the rationalist approach to the pack architechture, I reduced the icon down to its essence, creating a simpler, stronger and more digital-friendly version. 

The bold new architecture I created for Bulmers really earned its stripes when the client wanted to launch a younger, more rebellious brother brand called Outcider.


The vertical box and horizontal bands kept things recognisably Bulmers, allowing the wild colours of Dublin street artist James Earley to shove the architecture into edgier territory.