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How do you revive a sleeping giant without using its original name?

By using artefacts from the brand's rich history to retell the story for a new audience.

Design rooted in a true story

Roe & Co is a resurrection of a once powerful Irish whiskey brand, but the twist was, we couldn't use the brand's original name. All that remains of the original distillery are the characterful St Patrick's tower and a solitary pear tree. These two elements, rooted in the truth of the old story, became the starting point of the new brand.

Make the bottle 'stealable'

We designed the bottle from scratch, with flared sides to echo the shape of the tower, a pear wood stopper and a hidden pear-shaped punt underneath.

The brief for the bottle design was to make it so desirable people would want to steal it, so we designed it with second life in mind: the labels are removable, leaving only the timeless embossed branding - perfect for a table water bottle or flower vase.


The Roe & Co brand world gives an immediate visual impression of the brand, encompassing how it manifests itself in photography, interiors, product design, colour palette, materials, texture and clothing.

Perfect for sophisticated cocktails, Roe & Co's gift box for select bars included a pear wood chopping board for preparing garnishes, tapered to reflect the shape of the tower. The box also includes a copper glorifier that references the tower's copper roof, and a book of bespoke cocktail recipes.

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